Hell Breaks Loose in Space: ‘Hellslayers’ Brings Sci-Fi Survival Horror

Fragging Unicorn Games announced a new sci-fi survival horror RPG today set in humanity’s dying days. In ‘Hellslayers,’ Earth nears extinction, and our last hope lies in the grim mercenaries defending our fragile outposts in space.

In this lethal setting, players become Hellslayers, futuristic warriors sent on suicide missions by the Lunar Corporate Alliance to protect their interests as they scramble to establish exo-terran colonies. On Earth, the Doomsday Clock ticks down to humanity’s end, and only the Hellslayers’ successes can buy more time.

Hellslayers transforms the Mörk Borg system into a sci-fi crucible of sacrifice and gory triumph. New ‘Painful Successes’ and ‘Badass Points’ mechanics allow Hellslayers to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat—if they’re willing to pay the price in blood or humanity.

Four character classes present paths to survival: Grunt, Scout, Medic, or Engineer. Each provides key skills and starting gear for facing harrowing threats like zombies, mutants, demons, and alien invaders across space stations and Mars bases. With death around every corner, players must scavenge resources and advance classes to overcome near-impossible odds.

Success means life and hope. Fail, and oblivion knocks. But even death strengthens new Hellslayers, as accomplishments of fallen heroes pass benefits to their replacements.

Veteran designer Clifton Lambert crafted Hellslayers’ lethal yet rewarding play. Lambert brings experience from Catalyst Game Labs’ Shadowrun and his own Subversion RPG. Fragging Unicorns, Hellslayers’ publisher, is known for fully funding and delivering the cyberpunk fantasy Gangs of the Undercity and Misspent Youth.

With a ruleset for generating entire missions or improvising last-second twists, Hellslayers allows both meticulous plotting and spur-of-the-moment action. GMs can craft harrowing space horror campaigns or one-shot adventures on the fly.

Humanity’s future unfolds at the blood-slick hands of the Hellslayers. Our tomorrow teeters on the knife’s edge of their sacrifice. The fate of two worlds now lies in the cold reaches of space—where Hell breaks loose.

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