Harness the Power of the Thinning Veil: Expert Tips from Renowned Exorcist Rachel Stavis

As we approach National Paranormal Day on May 3rd, renowned exorcist and author Rachel Stavis is sharing her top tips for making the most of this year’s spring-thinning veil.

For those unfamiliar, the thinning veil is a yearly occurrence that takes place from April 25th through May 15th. During this time, the barrier between the physical and spiritual worlds becomes more porous, allowing for increased communication with the other side, as well as the potential for negative energies to seep through.

As an accomplished author, horror novelist, award-winning writer and director, and world-renowned non-denominational exorcist, Rachel Stavis has compiled a list of the top 5 ways for you to make the most of this year’s spring thinning veil.

Stavis, who dedicates her work to eradicating darkness and creating global change one person or place at a time, hopes that her tips will help those experiencing energetic blockages to instead invite in the light during this liminal period.


1.  Cleanse your space. Burn or diffuse lavender for protection; rosemary for banishing; lemon balm for prosperity; and rose for increasing high frequency.

2.  Ask for visits and messages from deceased loved ones. Say out loud, “(Name of the one who passed), please communicate with me while the veil is thin.” Then PAY ATTENTION! Look for signs (like certain scents), coins, feathers, and any synchronicities. You may also receive a message or visit in dreams.

3.  Use this time to release old wounds – especially those associated with anyone who has passed. Write down anything you wish to let go of emotionally. Burn this outside, preferably at night. As the paper disintegrates, say, “I ask Spirit to allow these old pains and traumas to release now.”

4.  The energies of thin veils can feel chaotic and exhausting. Bathe in salt to cleanse and ground your own energy.

5.  Do something that brings you joy. Since the veil is thin, it’s also a good time to manifest. Instead of forcing something to come your way, relax instead by doing something passive that brings you joy (read, walk in nature, do something creative, garden, etc.). These “passive” moments allow rest, which will in turn create more meaningful manifesting.

With Stavis’ insightful tips as your guide, you can make the most of this year’s spring thinning veil. Whether you’re seeking closure, spiritual wisdom, or a boost in your manifestation abilities, the next few weeks offer a magical window. So heed Stavis’ wisdom, and get ready to experience the magic firsthand. This is a time to release, renew, and reconnect – both with the unseen realms and the deepest parts of yourself.

For more insights into the paranormal and to stay updated on Rachel Stavis’ latest work, be sure to follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rhstavis/.

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