Grotesque: A Must-See for Fans of “May” & “Ginger Snaps”

“Grotesque” is a low-budget, Canadian, indie slasher, written, and directed by Brandon Rhiness. It is a dark comedy about Mildred, who is routinely ridiculed because of her large nose. After endless teasing, and insults in both her personal and professional lives, she decides to take action. Things do not go as planned, and an angry Mildred decides to turn the tables on her tormentors.

“Grotesque” is a straight forward, uncomplicated, well-told story. It also looks good, and is very well-acted. The set-up of the characters is done amazingly, if not a little over-the-top. However, over-the-top does not detract from this movie, but actually plays into its humor.

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Brandon Rhiness has over 50 writing credits, and over 30 directing credits. In addition to “Grotesque,” his writing credits include the feature films: “Cor Values,” “Hot Box,” “The Project,” “John, 316,” “I’m Haunted,” and a segment of the feature anthology “Horrorathon Volume 2.”

Overall, the acting is stellar, but the focus is Elizabeth Chamberlain, who carries the entire film. She has over 20 shorts, features, and television credits, including the lead in Brandon Rhiness’ feature “I’m Haunted.” If her acting here is any indication, I expect to see her face in many more feature films in the future. The remaining cast members are equally talented, playing their parts to perfection.

If there is any flaw to be found in this movie, it is the nose. In most scenes, it is clear that it is a prosthetic. Something about the blending of the prosthetic, and the makeup just does not work. It is pretty noticeable throughout the early scenes. The question here is not can it be ignored, but should it be ignored, and the answer is yes. Ignore the make-up, and focus on the story, because it is worth it.

Despite any issues with the prosthetic, do not miss out on this darkly funny slasher. “Grotesque” invokes memories of movies like “May,” “Ginger Snaps,” and “American Mary.” Put simply, this is a great, fun, indie film, that deserves all the attention it can get.

You can watch the film on Tubi and Amazon.

Written by Eric Poe