Gravitas Ventures Acquires Jason Lockridge’s Latest Horror Film: The Reaper Man

Gravitas Ventures, a prominent film distribution company, has recently acquired the rights to the latest spine-chilling horror film from the esteemed Tennessee-based filmmaker Jason Lockridge. With a repertoire that includes notable works such as Succuba and Down Bad: Life In The Hood, Lockridge continues to enthrall audiences with his newest creation, The Reaper Man. Scheduled for a digital release in April, the film is set to captivate and terrify horror fans across the globe.

Plot Synopsis

The Reaper Man delves into the harrowing tale of a grief-stricken wife who, in her pursuit of retribution, unwittingly summons a malevolent spirit with an unquenchable thirst for vengeance. As the sinister narrative unravels, viewers are drawn into a nightmarish world of supernatural terror and nail-biting suspense.

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The Cast

The film boasts an exceptional ensemble, featuring Jessica Jai Johnson, acclaimed for her role in “The Stix,” K.J. Baker from the hit series “Nashville,” Kenon Walker, celebrated for his performance in 100 Lives, and Jeff Halton, who garnered attention for his role in Hongo. The combined prowess of these talented actors ensures a riveting and unforgettable horror experience.

Director’s Vision

As a seasoned writer and director in the horror genre, Jason Lockridge seeks to craft a haunting and atmospheric tale with The Reaper Man that will have audiences gripping their seats in anticipation. Lockridge’s distinctive vision and masterful storytelling abilities make this film an unmissable event for horror aficionados.

Digital Release

The Reaper Man is slated for its digital premiere on April 18, becoming available on a variety of digital platforms. This eagerly awaited release allows horror enthusiasts to savor the film’s chilling thrills from the comfort and safety of their own homes, broadening its accessibility to a larger audience.