Fright Rags: Evil Dead, Joe Bob and Halloween Goodies Galore!

Horror hounds, your shrieking ship has come in! Fright-Rags has unleashed a torrent of terrifying treats this week to celebrate the return of some of our favorite frightmasters. 

First up, the Deadites are back, baby! Ash’s boomstick-blasting battle against the forces of darkness continues in Evil Dead Rise, shambling into theaters this weekend. To mark the occasion, Fright-Rags has conjured up a spellbinding spread of shirts guaranteed to scare your momma right out of her housecoat. Peepholes, posies and cheese graters will never look the same again after you’ve seen what Fright-Rags has in store. Groovy!

Fright Rags

Not to be outdone, Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy the Mail Girl are back to sling schlock and slay on a all-new season of The Last Drive-In, now haunting the Shudder streaming service. To celebrate everyone’s favorite B-movie madman and his bodacious co-host, Fright-Rags has rolled out a range of gear no Drive-In disciple should be without. We’re talking shirts, hoodies, and socks – Joe Bob and Darcy style! Plus buttons, stickers and more for you to show your Mutant Family pride. 

Still crave more creature features? Fright-Rags has your back with new retro-tastic action figures from Halloween on deck for April 28. Adding to their menagerie of Michael Myers and the movie’s memorable maidens, Fright-Rags introduces figures of Dr. Loomis, Sheriff Brackett and Annie in all their 3.75” scale glory. Each comes packed with accessories in a vintage blister pack that screams ’70s sinister. 

Whether you’re jonesing for Evil Dead, eager to join Joe Bob’s next Drive-In devotional or simply counting the days ’til Halloween, Fright-Rags has you covered with creepy clobber and terrifying toys to haunt your house. Shop now at – and remember, the only thing to fear is not having enough space in your closet for all this spiffy spookware!

Fright Rags