Entropy 2022, All Talk.. [Review]

There is a sinister self-help group that becomes increasingly concerning for a young woman with cancer in the film Entropy from 2021.

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Abby (Miranda Nieman) and Miranda (Hayley Sunshine), the girlfriend of Miranda’s ex-self-help group, are invited to dinner the same day she receives the diagnosis of ovarian cancer. They are celebrating the return of Scott (Scott Hale), an estranged friend who left to discover the origins of their self-help group.

As the evening goes on, Abby realizes that all is not as it appears, that no one is who they claim to be, and that Scott and the other doctors use their own sinister methods to cure her cancer…

From a screenplay written by Scott Hale and a story written by Kameron Hale, the film is directed and edited by Kameron Hale. Both men are executive producers.

Among the cast of the HaleHouse productions film are Miranda Nieman, Hayley Sunshine, Scott Hale, William E Newton, Tyler Joseph Campbell, Kristen Lopez and Robert Lopez.

This would have been a decent film if we’d gotten into some strange supernatural horror like the trailer shows. Instead Entropy spends most of its time talking. It has a bit of horror at the very end but not enough to redeem the film.