Blumhouse And Miramax Stake Kusama’s Dracula, Mina Harker

Karyn Kusama’s Mina Harker picture is dead at Blumhouse and Miramax, which is a blow to lovers of the Dark Universe and Jennifer’s Body. There were just a few weeks to go when production on the film was abruptly halted. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Miramax pulled out of the movie due to “creative issues,” which is something we’ve never heard of before. “What would have been a contemporary take on the mythology” was basically doomed by Miramax’s unexpected withdrawal.

Based on Bram Stoker’s iconic vampire novel, it was set in modern-day Los Angeles, with Mina Harker as the protagonist and Dracula as the antagonist. Scriptwriters Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi collaborated with Kusama on the Bram Stoker-inspired Dracula screenplay.

Initially, Jasmine Cephas Jones was due to star in Karyn Kusama’s Mina Harker, which was scheduled to begin filming in three weeks.

This is unfortunate news, since a Kusama-directed “Dracula” film from Blumhouse had the potential to be really entertaining.

Among Kusama’s other credits is the 2009 horror thriller Jennifer’s Body, which was scripted by Diablo Cody and starring Megan Fox in the main role. On a budget of roughly US$16,000,000, the picture earned approximately US$31,000,000 in box office receipts.

After opening to mixed reviews from critics upon its first release, the picture has subsequently gone on to become a cult classic due to its popularity at the box office. Over time, the picture has been re-evaluated by critics and has been dubbed a “secret feminist masterpiece.” The picture, according to Cody, was promoted poorly by producers who concentrated their efforts on attracting a young male target audience.

As for the positive reception the film has received, Kusama attributed it to its “distinctly feminine viewpoint,” noting that she had sought to create a picture in which young women could see themselves portrayed on screen.

Kusama has later characterised her experiences working on both On Flux and Jennifer’s Body as “learning experiences,” during which she gained valuable insight into the workings of the Hollywood movie business.

Maybe another production company will pick up the project if that’s even possible but as of right now the film has been obliterated.