Bloodlines: The Jersey Devil Curse

Bloodlines: The Jersey Devil Curse

Bloodlines: The Jersey Devil Curse is a documentary by Small Town Monsters that reveals the hidden past of the legendary Jersey Devil. Docudrama series Small Town Monsters’ most recent episode explores the shadowy past of the east coast’s most famous mythological figure, tracing his roots all the way back to the formation of the United States and Benjamin Franklin. Bloodlines will debunk centuries of urban legends about the forked-tailed nightmare by conducting in-depth interviews with historians and locals.

On November 15th, 1091 Pictures’ Bloodlines: The Jersey Devil Curse will be released on all of the main streaming services, such as iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and FandangoNOW. Seth Breedlove, the man behind the helm of this latest instalment in the Small Town Monsters series, promises a documentary that will both enlighten and frighten its viewers.

Although people continue to report seeing the Jersey Devil in the vast Pine Barrens wilderness, the true origin of the legendary beast has never been revealed. The makers of The Mothman of Point Pleasant have decided to correct the record.

To bring the Jersey Devil to life, Small Town Monsters will use the narrative, horror, and documentary aspects that have been their trademark. Small Town Monsters creator Seth Breedlove stated, “It’s one of those classic, gothic, American tales that we’ve been wanting to tackle for years but simply couldn’t find the proper method to do it… Until now.”

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There is a predator in New Jersey’s Pine Barrens. Locals have been terrorised by a demon for decades, and legends have spread about it, but what is the devilish backstory? The Jersey Devil is one of the best-known urban legends in all of North America; he is said to be the witch’s twelfth offspring. Did you know that it has a long and ominous history that goes back thousands of years, suggesting something more worse than a mere “fairytale”? Learn the backstory of one of the most exciting and horrifying Jersey Devil stories in recent memory!