BloodLine Killer Comes to Tubi

Try as some might, it seems like the past just won’t stay buried. For Moira Cole, this haunting truth threatens to shatter the life she’s desperately trying to rebuild in Tubi’s new original film, Bloodline Killer.

Set to premiere on June 28th, Bloodline Killer drags viewers into a world where family secrets and local legends collide with deadly consequences.

The film follows Cole as she attempts to rebuild her life after the tragic murder of her family. But just as the one-year anniversary of the murder approaches, Cole finds that the past has come to haunt her with a vengeance, threatening to unravel everything she’s fought so hard to reclaim.

Tyrese Gibson stars in this Tubi Original film, alongside horror veteran Shawnee Smith, known for her memorable performances in the Saw franchise. Together, the pair must navigate a town gripped by fear as an old evil comes back to town.

In the official trailer for Bloodline Killer, we see a community ripped apart by murder and a legend that won’t stay dead. In the trailer’s opening, we get a shot of Gibson’s character visiting a shell-shocked Cole (Smith) in the hospital, his words heavy with empathy: “I know you’ve been through a lot.” But unbeknownst to him this is just the beginning of her terror.

In a brief glimpse, we witness the murder that took place that infamous Halloween night, the night a man wearing a mask, took the life of Cole’s husband, and forever changed the trajectory of her and her son’s lives.

Fast forward to one year later, and the wounds are still raw. Gibson’s character, determined to bring closure, finds himself entangled in a web of local lore and present-day horrors. Every town has a boogeyman, but in this case, the boogeyman is real. The Skulleton – a figure of nightmares long thought vanquished.

As panic grips the town it is clear that a killer is stalking their streets, could the Skulleton be back? Or has that tale been laid to rest? It’s hard to be certain when there’s no body to dig up.

As the trailer concludes we see flashes of the killer’s reign of terror, making it clear that this Halloween night, there will be no treats – only fear.

Watch the trailer for Bloodline Killer below and watch as the Skulleton carves out a bloody path of destruction this Halloween.

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Brace yourself as the horrors of the past come alive, ready to claim new victims. Bloodline Killer premieres exclusively on Tubi on June 28th, bringing a new meaning to the phrase “blood is thicker than water.”