Blood Debt Short Film review

Blood Debt is a film written and directed by Spencer Keller about a father named John who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and seemingly has flashbacks.

The film starts with John reliving the memories of a dreadful night we’re an invader entered his home and he accidentally shot his daughter while trying to rescue her.

Cutting to the next scene we see John sat with a psychiatrist undergoing a form of hypnotherapy. After John looks through some pamphlets about accidental loss and general survivor’s guilt he then proceeds to burn those pamphlets and head to bed.

In the middle of the night John is awoken by his daughter saying Daddy he quickly opens his eyes and decides to patrol the home

While patrolling the house, John enters his living room and finds his daughter sitting in the chair asking for help. It’s clear that his daughter is no longer alive judging by the white eyes portrayed in the film

He then sees himself standing behind his daughter and is quickly thrown to the floor where he begins to be strangled.

That’s it, that’s where Blood Debt ends and the credits roll.

I believe that the point of the film is that the man is tormented by his own memories that they are actually killing him slowly it was a decent short and if you were into psychological horror you may enjoy this one.

You can check out the full film embedded below and watch it for free.

YouTube video