A New Annual Holiday Slasher, “New Fears Eve”

Writer and director Jeffrey Reddick, well known for his contributions to the movie Final Destination, is now putting the finishing touches on a horror film titled New Fears Eve. This film is in the genre of a slasher film. In addition, Felissa Rose and Dave Sheridan, who were both a part of the cast of Sleepaway Camp in the past, have been brought on board for this performance. These are some of the most renowned names in the annals of the horror genre’s long and storied past.

A crowdsourcing effort is currently being conducted on the website IndieGoGo by the organization that is accountable for New Fears Eve. Even better, with a total of $36,570 already raised, it is perilously near to surpassing its goal amount.

Three close friends dread attending the annual New Year’s Eve party hosted by Hooper Industries. The time is ticking and the corpse count is growing as a crazy murderer known as The Doctor runs amok. This cruel surgeon of death has left Owensboro awash in blood as local police and the FBI try to track him down through the trail of deaths he has left behind. When the killer sets his sights on the three best friends, they have no idea that the mandatory party they are attending is about to turn deadly. Leslie, Brian, Moses, and their coworkers have a New Year’s Eve to remember when they become trapped in an impenetrable building with a vicious lunatic determined to carve his way to midnight.

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