“A Neighbor’s Vendetta” (2023) Tubi Original

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and the new Tubi Original film “A Neighbor’s Vendetta” is a film that explores the dark side of human nature, where love and revenge intertwine in a thrilling, yet slow-paced, narrative.

Rainy Kerwin, the writer and director of the film, skillfully portrays the complexities of relationships and the consequences that arise from infidelity.

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“A Neighbor’s Vendetta” opens with two lovers engaged in the throes of passion. But it is not as innocent as one would initially presume, for Robert has a dark secret. He has been carrying on a sexual relationship with his assistant Sonja, while secretly lying to his wife Mia about the affair.

Feeling little remorse for his actions, he makes plans to spend another night with Sonja, but when he calls and tells her to meet him at a hotel for a romantic rendezvous, Sonja rejects his invitation due to the arrival of a copy of divorce papers, from her estranged husband Jason.

Despite initially refusing his offer, Sonja eventually agrees to engage in a flirtatious game of sexting, a game that ultimately results in Robert taking his sexual fantasy a little too far, and strangling himself in the heat of the moment.

Faced with the news of her husband’s death, Mia decides to carry on his legacy and resumes his role in the architectural firm he dedicated his life to.

Meanwhile, Jason appears on Sonja’s doorstep, focused on making their marriage work. The two estranged lovers decide to give their relationship another try, but under one condition: they have to move out of the house they once shared in order to get a chance at a fresh start.

Determined to make it work, the two move out of the city to a secluded cabin in the woods, in order to get away from the painful memories, including the memory of their miscarried child.  

But can any relationship truly survive after the loss of a child? And just how secluded is their new home?

One night, a new neighbor who is renting a cabin down the road stops by, claiming that the power to her cabin has gone out during a storm. The neighbor, who calls herself Claire, is Mia, seeking revenge for her husband’s death. That same night, Sonja just so happens to be called back to the city for work.

Now, as Sonja is away, Mia attempts to drive a wedge between the couple, by coming onto Jason and attempting to kiss him.

Even after Jason rejects her advances, Mia is undeterred from this vicious game of revenge, as she continues to weave her way into the couple’s life. She first reveals the kiss she and Jason shared and then slowly starts playing mind games with Sonja, all in the hope of returning the favor by destroying a life in retribution for the one Sonja took from her.

Watch “A Neighbor’s Vendetta” and find out if the struggling couple can survive the truth or if Mia will have her revenge. After all, isn’t it an eye for an eye?

Despite the slow pace of the film, the character development is compelling and gives the audience insight into the complex emotions that Sonja and Jason are experiencing. The tension is not created through action scenes or jump scares, but rather through the emotional turmoil that the characters are going through. The audience can see the fear and frustration on their faces, as they try to understand why their neighbor is attacking them.

One of the strengths of the film is the exceptional cast. Chelsea Gilligan, who portrays Sonja, delivers a captivating performance that draws the audience into her character’s emotional journey. Sydney Cole Alexander, who plays the neighbor, delivers a chilling portrayal of a character who is motivated by revenge.

The film’s setting is also a standout element, with beautiful landscapes that create a sense of isolation and seclusion. The cinematography is well-executed, with a focus on framing the shots in a way that enhances the mood and atmosphere of the film.

However, the film falls short when it comes to suspense. The audience is given all the information they need to understand what is happening, leaving nothing to the imagination. There is no sense of mystery, and the lack of surprise makes the ending anticlimactic.

“A Neighbor’s Vendetta” is a well-acted and visually compelling film that will appeal to those who enjoy character-driven dramas. However, if you are looking for a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you may want to look elsewhere.

“A Neighbor’s Vendetta” stars Chelsea Gilligan as Sonja Richards, Sydney Cole Alexander as Mia, Steven Good as Jason, Austen Jaye as Robert, Karen Strassman as Jackie, Julia Eringer as Lydia, Derek Roberts as Officer Lewis, and Matt Socia as Officer Braxton.  

The Tubi Original film “A Neighbor’s Vendetta” is currently streaming for free on Tubi.

Written by Eric Poe