(Trailer) TRAIN TO BUSAN PRESENTS: Zombie Thunderdome

Over the past few years the zombie subgenre has gotten a bit stale, however there are some outliers that have taken the world by storm. One Cut of the Dead has shown how you can flip the whole zombie idea on its head, while Train to Busan, and it’s prequel Seoul Station, demonstrates the more emotional side of the subgenre. There are a few anomalies like The Dead Don’t Die, Overlord, and Little Monsters but for the most part they all seem to be the same hitting the formulaic beats laid out by their more successful antecessors (cough World War Z).

With how powerful and potent Train to Busan was there is no surprise a sequel would be in the works soon thereafter. And oh boy, is there a sequel. It’s typical to have sequels attempt to be greater than the films they spawned from; usually they fail (except you Terminator 2: Judgement Day you kick major ass). Based on the trailer alone, and yes we all know trailers can be misleading, Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula does NOT look like it is going to disappoint. Let’s take a look at the latest trailer:

TRAIN TO BUSAN PRESENTS: PENINSULA (2020) Official Trailer | Zombie Action Movie

This Cannes Film Festival official selection takes place four years after the events of Train to Busan. Marine Jung-seok (Gang Dong-won) must take his group of soldiers into perilous territory when they are sent on a mission to retrieve a shiiiitload of cash. Things quickly go south when the group gets ambushed by a World War Z style horde, only to be saved by Min-jeong (Lee Jung-hyun) who drops a remixed Terminator quote before proceeding to Fast and the Furious her way through Busan.

They wind up coming across a Thunderdome type of fight club. Here a group of “contestants” have to suffer through waves of shunting-esque zombies. And these aren’t those slowpoke Romero zombies, they’re the Days Gone holy-shit-they-are-fast zombies. Overall the film looks to be an astoundingly exciting and nonstop adrenaline pumping thrillride through hell.

Writer/director Yeon Sang-ho, along with writer Joo-Suk Park, steps back up to the plate to take their ideas to a whole other level. Part of the horror of Train to Busan was the claustrophobia brought on by the train, making it a character on its own. Peninsula looks to be taking the opposite approach through the vastness of Busan and its endless hordes of death. It will definitely be interesting to see their ideas unfold and to see where they actually take the franchise.

The only real worry from the trailer is how CGI heavy it looks to be. Now that isn’t always a bad thing, but we can only hope they don’t over rely on it. In the scenes where there is excessive CGI in the trailer they seem to be dark enough to negate any gaudiness that comes with bad CGI. Other than that there really doesn’t seem to be any real detractors from the trailer; though again, it’s just a trailer so who knows.

While there is no US release date so far, Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula will be dropping in Spain on August 12th, 2020 with a slew of release dates scattered throughout August and October. Meanwhile you can stream Train to Busan and Seoul Station on Shudder to get you fill of great zombie content.

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