Listen Up, Monsters & Ghouls: My Time On “The Movie Men Podcast”.

Great opportunities don’t always show their faces, they are also very subjective as a great opportunity for me may differ greatly from you. One thing that all great opportunities have in common is the way that they can make us feel when we let one pass us by. A great opportunity reared its devilish horns, the left horn goes by the name of “Brady” and the right horn “Pete”, with the two banded side by side they form the podcasting Kaiju that not even Mathew Broderick can figure out, the name of that monster is the “Movie Men Podcast”.

They reached out and offered me a guest spot on not just one episode but two, two full-length episodes where they would allow me to talk their ears off, and rant myself into corners. Not as graceful a talker as I am a writer, but they were patient and accepting of my discombobulation on their very professional sounding podcast. They admit to not being the biggest horror fans, not that they don’t love the genre for what it is but that they are truly Movie Men who love all forms of the cinematic art, the same one that we all know and love. They allow me to talk about the little bits of history that I know of the genre, they encourage me in an attempt to sway them over to the dark side. After almost four hours of podcasting over two days with these fine ghouls, a history lesson, and a deep dive discussion on Wes Craven’s: A Nightmare On Elm St. I think I stated my case and hopefully stood tall for the horror community.

Hailing originally from what was known in the 1920s as the furniture capital of the world, Hanover, Ontario, to now gracefully infesting your earholes from the big, elegant but also grimy city of Toronto, a student of Radio and Multi-Media Storytelling at Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, and an aspiring filmmaker, the horn that begins to raise this beast from the depths of the podcasting underworld goes by the name of Brady Alisauskas. Now, the horn that polishes off this beast to become the scariest monster to see this side of the snowy mountains, is named Pete McCombie, whom is also from the town that quite possibly produced the children of the corn, that town being Hanover, Ontario. He is a hero in the healthcare industry, has loved film his entire life, and took a great aforementioned opportunity to begin this journey. On second look, these are some pretty accomplished and intelligent horns…eh?

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I don’t just encourage you all to take a long, hard look at the Movie Men Podcast, I demand you to. Just like co-host Pete, who has a mistress movie-watching group that excludes host Brady, you as well can have a mistress movie podcast. You don’t need to tell the others, it’ll be our little secret, we can all run from the vitamin-deficient Fred Kruger together. Now, this podcast is not just for us unabashed horror fans, it’s a podcast for all film fans, but luckily all of us mutants and creatures have an entire month dedicated to us. So, don’t hesitate to catch up on just these two episodes featuring myself but to wait with perked ears as new additions to their Spooktober event trickle out. Go back through the catalog which contains almost 100 episodes, including reviews and discussions on such movies as:
The Silence of the Lambs
Edward Scissorhands
The Woman In Black
Super 8
And… A Nightmare on Elm St.

They are truly the stars of the show and I’m a mere entity in the background chiming in when the mood strikes.

1,2 The Movie Men are coming for you…here’s the link to the podcast episodes!

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