I Need My MOM: Monsters Of Man; The Next Hit Out Of Australia

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In need of some body-exploding-head-crushing-face-peeling-heart-stopping-elite-robot-SciFi-action-horror excitement? Director Mark Toia has got you covered and I am genuinely honored to be bringing some coverage to one of my most anticipated upcoming films of the year.

The latest redband trailer for Toia’s upcoming probable genre masterpiece “Monsters of Man” has officially launched and it showcases gritty and relentless action, upping the ante kill after kill. Insane practicals of dismembered bodies and peeled faces orchestrated by high-tech, futuristic robots, not for the faint of heart but absolutely for the devoted horror, action, and sci-fi fan.

This film marks Toia’s directorial debut, a milestone that many of us can only dream of, but Mark delivers a feature that punches way above most directorial debuts. He captures incredible performances that only a confident director could do, precise storytelling enhanced with visual effects that engulf you within the mayhem unfolding inside of the Golden Triangle of Australia. Monsters of Man is the story of sophisticated AI robotics that are used for specific military applications. When a corrupt CIA agent, played by Neal McDonough (Minority Report, Captain America, Netflix’s 1922 and Altered Carbon), colludes with the robotics company responsible for manufacturing these robots, to field test the efficient battle skills and operational usage against unsuspecting armed drug cartels. What Neal believes is a brilliant plan to win a lucrative military contract ends up turning into a complete disaster while these rogue robots end up slaughtering an entire village of innocent people. A caution tale of how our trust in mechanized AI can be deadly flawed.

Debuting at the Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival with high praise, Indie Film Hustle was so ecstatic, stating “Monsters of Man is one of the best films of 2020. A must watch.” Arrow In The Head gives it an 8/10, calling it “Mean, gritty and unforgiving”.

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Mark Toia was able to fund and self distribute this highly ambitious film, calling it an experiment for future filmmakers. As his background of being a very successful advertising photographer turned TV commercial director led him here, twenty years in the making. He has become a highly sought-after director and creative mind, receiving scripts from all over the world, including the grand ol’ Hollywood.

Monsters of Man is trying to lead the way in the indie filmmaking world, denying Hollywood offers and tackling the distribution of the film himself. Crazy?.. possibly. But, his deft experience directing and producing along with his insane knowledge of VFX makes this a well worth it attempt. Toia has a knack for getting the most out of his actors and capturing their stunning performances with poignant images that are both beautiful and shocking. There is no doubt in my mind that this guy could be the next great auteur in the horror/sci-fi genre.

As we here at HorrorFacts have the utmost anticipation for this film, to tie us and yourselves over until the official release of our review, here is a direct link to Mark’s webpage showcasing all of his fantastic work.

And here is a direct link to the Monsters of Man webpage where you can check out the trailer for this sci-fi spectacle.

The Man Himself, Mark Toia.

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