October 20, 2020

Horror Facts

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Horror Facts Website <-> Slinky’s Liquor Pawn and Video


A few months ago we interviewed a great group of content creators from Slinky’s Liquor Pawn and Video we had a great time and said we would connect again in the near future. The future is now.

At 9:30 EST I had a video conference with both Slinky and KC, Liz was not in attendance for this one. In the conferece we discussed a with their Channel and HorrorFacts.com where we agreed that they create a video for Horror Facts every month, while horror facts will help this indie channel grow by supporting them even more while integrating their brand into the website in its own unique section.

In the coming weeks we plan to unveil the teams first new video!


Stay tuned for more exclusive content from Horror Facts and welcome our new friends to the project.