April 17, 2021

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Check Your Brain At The Door: A Non-Sensical Look At Non-Sensical “Rubber”


Oh, God, the kid was right. The killer is a tire.

Quote from Rubber (2010)

Individualism in horror shines brighter than Big Bob Carter burning alive in the middle of the Southwest Californian desert, so bright that we often can see inside the minds of our favorite horror movie directors, actors, and enthusiasts alike. As they try to figure out what makes us tick, while also, a lot of the time confronting a socio-political issue, we just sit back and try to digest as much as we can. We know the rules of each sub-genre by now, and we look for new and exciting ways to tell a story or more bizarre ways to murder someone. We show these films to our friends and family, online buddies, whomever we can persuade into watching them, then we wait for the reaction which is sometimes pleased and appreciative but a lot of the times it’s weird looks and smart-ass remarks. No movie has yet to give me more weird looks and smart-ass remarks than “Rubber”, a 2010 French-English film by Quentin Dupieux who is a very interesting guy in his own right.

I appreciate logic as much as the next person. Actually, there are few things I appreciate more than a good-ol’ fashioned-one-on-one-conversation where you can connect the dots and come up with theories as to why one thing led to another, and be left with complete dissection of one topic. On the other hand, I appreciate shooting the shit without a clear direction of where the conversation is going, joking and laughing, not making any sense, and then at the end of it all wondering how the hell you got from one place to the other.

No reason means without rational thought, no intended end in mind, without a specific directed purpose. I’m not saying these films are made for no reason, as there is always a reason, sometimes they can be made with friends and family, or for family; to put food on the table, or possibly a certain experimental filmmaking process that may be trying to tell a very poignant story with offbeat characters and over-the-top thematic elements used for no particular reason. One thing is certain, these movies are extremely fun to watch and they shouldn’t lend themselves to over analyzation which can sometimes lead to a watered-down product. When you observe something for long enough you can tend to expose some of its weaknesses. To expose weakness I’m sure is considered to be a great quality but also to live with said weakness exposed and to keep trekking on and play to strengths has to be considered the same. That is a sign of extreme interpersonal strength and a great way to constantly improve on being better, as a whole. This applies to all forms of art and speaks to humanity as well. I believe when we expose a failure, it can snowball into something bigger, it can inspire a wide group of people to feel the same way which can deter others from indulging in art or overlook the well-executed aspects.

Analysis paralysis; Not only is this a cool term, and possibly a cool name for a horror flick, it’s a real term used for over-thinking causing forward motion or decision-making to be paralyzed. Rarely do I think that a movie is 100% perfect, but rarely do I think anything is, we learn to love the nuances and the imperfections, we admire the strengths and the hard work that goes into it all. There doesn’t need to be a reason for it to be enjoyable, you can simply say you liked something because it appealed to you and nothing more. Just like a tire rolling down the street using some sort of telekinesis to explode people’s heads, it could have been anything, the story could have gone anywhere but it didn’t, there was no reason for it…and I loved every second of it.

If I am going to win you over with this article then I have to sell you on this film. Rubber has some of the best exploding head scenes I have ever seen (up there with Chopping Mall), it is beautifully shot, it has pretty decent characters with a few downright despicable ones, the story is surprisingly engaging and I had a few great laughs. With that being said, I still don’t think I should gloss over the actual thematic elements this film brings to the table, whether you see it as a twisted love story or some sort of off-the-cuff inspirational tale, to pursue whatever it is you want to pursue no matter the cards you are dealt in life…or I could just be full of it, this whole article could just be overlooked like a lot of films with the same ilk do, but one thing this article does not lack is reason, so please, give the films that are overlooked by the majority and this one, in particular, a chance and you may just be shocked at the gems you come out with.


A homicidal car tire, discovering it has destructive psionic power, sets its sights on a desert town once a mysterious woman becomes its obsession.


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