Happy Halloween 2021

Happy Halloween

We want to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween! FACT In the U.S., Halloween candy accounts for one quarter of all candy sales every year.! The holiday of Halloween is celebrated annually on October 31. In 2021, Halloween will take place on Sunday, October 31. Ancient Celtics used to light …

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New Resident Evil 2021 Where is Alice?

As the title states? Where is Alice ( cast historically by Milla Jovovich ), this time around the film studio is going to lean more on the game story line than ever before using the main character of Claire Redfield who will be portrayed by Kaya Scodelario, we will also …

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Contacting the team at Horror Facts

We have been getting many requests as of lately from people all around the internet searching for the best way to contact us. We do monitor all of our inboxes on social networks however some of those such as Slasher does not have a high level integration in the chat …

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