BIG Names Attached to Jordan Peele’s THIRD Directorial Feature

It seems as though Writer/Director/Producer, Jordan Peele is finally set to direct his third film. A moment – I don’t think I’m out of line by saying – ALL of us have been waiting for. We know of him producing the upcoming Candyman reboot, as well as rumblings about him set to produce an upcoming People Under the Stairs reboot. He is now finally attached as director for another film from Universal Studios. With details hidden away from the public, as was the case for his previous two films, we don’t have too much information to share. The tidbits we do have let us know that he has snagged a couple big time names in the acting department.

One of those big names has worked with the Oscar winning director before in a little film called “Get Out”, the same film that won Peele a nod with the Academy. This star has gone on to make quite the name for himself, working in films of high praise such as Queen and Slim, and the most recent Judas and the Black Messiah, in which he is also getting a well-deserved nod as Best Supporting Actor in this years upcoming Oscar ceremony. His name is Daniel Kaluuya, the subtle but effervescent performer that is becoming a master of projecting a tonne of emotion through captivating facial expression that need no dialogue to convey.

The next recent big time addition is Keke Palmer, the ultra talented actress/musician who may be best known for her role in Akeelah and the Bee in which she won a Chicago Film Critics Association award and was truly outstanding. Palmer has dabbled in horror territory with her performances as Zayday Williams in the ever hilarious Scream Queens, where she is a total standout with impeccable comedic timing, as well as character Kym Johnson in the revival Scream television series.

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This new untitled project comes in the middle of Monkey Paw’s five year exclusive deal with Universal that will see the big film company develope Peele’s next two films. Producing this film alongside Peele is fellow workhorse Ian Cooper, who also has a hand in Universal’s upcoming feature Candyman from director Nia DaCosta. Peele and MonkeyPaw President Win Rosenfield co-wrote the script for that as well.

Other projects Peele has been cited as producer include Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman, where he earned a Best Picture nod as part of the producers team. He is also responsible for HBO’s Twilight Zone reboot and Lovecraft Country. Using these old genre stories as a vehicle to provide social commentary, where Peele has become incredibly renown and will hopefully remain atop of his class.

Release for his new directorial feature is set for July of 2022.

As more information trickles out, you can be sure the Horror Facts team will relay it to you in a timely fashion.

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