Silent Hill 2006 revisit it’s been 15 years!

Silent Hill

The movie adaptation of the Silent Hill video game was released back in 2006, the critics at the time destroyed the movie as I’m guessing they had not played any of the fantastic video games that were floating around on the consoles of the previous generations, namely PlayStation. With this being said, the games were … Read more

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Chucky TV Series Mini Trailer

The official CHUCKY TV series trailer is here! From the franchise’s creator Don Mancini comes a brand new series. As promised yesterday from the ominous post made on Instagram. A sneak peak of the upcoming Chucky has dropped in this quick 20 second trailer. See Chucky’s first look exclusively at Entertainment Weekly Series Synopsis:A small … Read more

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The cast of “American Horror Stories” is introduced in a new teaser!

American Horror Stories Intro Screenshot

As part of the tenth season of “American Horror Story,” a brand new spinoff series “American Horror Stories” will debut this summer, as well as the tenth season of the main series. There are plenty of members of the cast of “American Horror Stories” in the short new teaser video that FX has shared today. … Read more

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FANGORIA Studios reveals a “Weretiger”

Fangoria Studios

As the producers of the horror feature SITORA, FANGORIA Studios are deep diving in folklore. Horror magazine Fangoria is bringing the monster movie Sitora back to the screen, as Variety reported this morning. It’s the first film under Fangoria Studios. In the spirit of FANGORIA’s heritage of genre storytelling, we are thrilled to announce the … Read more

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The Blu-ray of ELVIRA’S HAUNTED HILLS will be released by Scream Factory

Scream Factory will be releasing Elvira’s Haunted Hills in September, so collectors can add this film to their libraries! Once again, Scream Factory is in the business of releasing horror movies. A new Collector’s Edition of Elvira’s Haunted Hills has just been announced! We all love the lusty, beehive-haired lusty vamp Elvira, who was a … Read more

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Watch The Devil’s Rejects Free to Stream

The Devil's Rejects

We have selected ‘ The Devil’s Rejects ‘ for the free to watch film of the week since Rob Zombie is making news headlines with his The Munster’s Remake, we feel that it’s only fitting that we select on of his most loved films. In Ruggsville, Texas, the police under the command of Sheriff John … Read more

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Coming to Blu-ray ‘Alone in the Dark’ 1982 from Scream Factory

Alone in the Dark 1982

The Blu-ray release of Alone in the Dark is now official thanks to Scream Factory. This 1982 horror film starring Martin Landau, Donald Pleasence and Jack Palance will be released on September 14, 2021. Four escaped patients go after their doctor in a film that incorporates dark humor, tension, and slasher elements. The film was … Read more

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Jason Goes to Hell

Fans may have disliked the film, but the mask is apparently a big hit. As reported by, the mask in question is the one worn by Kane Hodder in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, in a 1993 sequel that recently went up for auction for an impressive $225,000. This is all the … Read more

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Cast Details Emerge for NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD II

Marcus Slabine, the director of Night of the Living Dead II (The Dark Offerings) has revealed the cast members of the sequel to George A. Romero’s trend-setting zombie classic. Among the stars of Romero’s Day of the Dead, which was released in 1985, are Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, and Jarlath Conroy. The company has promised … Read more

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